The Sales Call…

Her name was Tai and she had just gotten off her day job at an Apple Store. Our destination was her apartment where she would do a quick change act and then head to her evening job as a bar bouncer in Oakland. We chatted as we made our way east to her residence.  

As we approached her destination, she asked if I would wait outside her apartment building while she changed attire and then she would change the destination to her evening employment location. I agreed. Ten minutes later she got back in and we continued on our way to Oaktown. 

We were about a third of the way there when her phone rang. From the sound of it, it was her boyfriend who also worked at the Apple Store. They laughed how they made one impatient woman wait excessively while later they rushed thru one of their friends. I sat quietly as I heard the secrets of the trade and how employees subtlety up sell people to their more expensive items.

 Tai remained on the phone the rest of the way till we got to the bar. I motioned, “Is this the place?” She nodded, “Yes!” I waved goodbye and she closed the door. I said to myself, “She’s a real salesperson, she got you. Remind me to avoid Apple Stores.” This too will pass

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