It Doesn’t Make Sense or Does It?

The Orange One now says President Obama should have done something about the Russians hacking our 2016 presidential election. Can you imagine what The Buffoon would have done had President Obama had done something to Vladimir Putin. Wasn’t it The Orange Stalin who kept telling his supporters that the whole election was rigged..?

Sean Spicer and his staff want to limit the media’s access to The White House. Now daily media briefings are held off camera. We all know, if The Orange Buffoon doesn’t like what he hears, he then calls it fake news. Has anyone noticed that Trump only grants interviews to his favorite news network? The Orange One thinks Fox News is fair and balanced because they agree with him. 

Still, the simple minded sheeple think he’s doing a great job. Let’s see what he’s done so far; signed a bunch of executive orders, round up foreigners and told us not to believe the media. If things work out, someone will being kicking a stool out from under his or throwing a trap door lever in the near future. Okay, that won’t happen but maybe he’ll just go away and the word tweet will be removed from the Webster Dictionary along with the word Twitter. This too will pass

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