Sunday Morning Thoughts…

Today is Sunday July 30th and the world isn’t a smoldering ash heap, wait for it, yet. Last night I heard on the radio how Kim Jun Un was having a cabinet meeting and a high ranking attendee fell asleep. His most glorious leader got up and blew the brains out of the napper. I don’t think Stalin, Mao or Hitler did that. Yes, they did very horrible things but not that… You know,  animals don’t act the way man does. 

So John McCain has an aggressive form of cancer and appears to have had a moment when he said to himself, “Screw it. I’m voting no on the healthcare repeal.” He knows his days are numbered and he won’t have to run again. I wonder if Rtump will give a fake glowing eulogy at Senator McCain’s funeral? 

Today, I’m not going to work today. I could if I wanted to but I am tired of people telling me, “Our internet is slow. It took 3 seconds to download a movie last night.” I’m going to Uber and it should be a good day due to a drag race going on at the nearby race track. I picked up six rides last night and all had had their fill of the spirits. This too will pass

Life Lessons…

This year is half way over and soon 2018 will be showing up. An astrologer told me a few years back that I would get seriously ill in 2018 yet get over it. To tell you the truth, I don’t believe sickness is in my cards. I have other lessons I signed up for prior to birth but not sickness.

Yesterday I was listening to a story on NPR of how a teenager had been in a serious auto accident. With every bone broken in his body, the doctors told his parents that the end was near for him. The doctors were going to take him off life support if he did not respond to them on an assigned day. 

The doctors called out, “Do you hear me? Raise one finger.” He heard every word they spoke but he just couldn’t do it. Again they said, “Steve! Raise a finger now!” This went on four times and then a blue light filled him and there was clapping in the room. Steve had moved his finger. 

Later he said in the interview, “I thank the stars everyday for giving me that accident because I was allowed to see The Supreme Being. I swear, there I was, driving down the road in my company truck with tears of joy in my eyes. The truth is, no one wants to have a massive accident to see The Cosmic Consciousness at work but sometimes it takes that… This too will pass

Peet’s Coffee Serves It’s Neighborhoods 

The other day, I walking into the Peet’s on 51st Street in Oakland and I thought I had somehow landed in Mogadishu Somalia. The cafe was packed with tables of men speaking an Arabic dialect going about their lives. There were no vacant seats so I thought to myself, “Now which one do I go to?” I headed to the original Peet’s location at Vine and Walnut in Berkeley.

There I found the usual crowd of retired professors and faculty from nearby Cal Berkeley campus. The usual conversations overheard revolves around how Trump needs to be impeached and the need for more bike lanes in Berkeley. This is the same Peet’s I ran across the frail death camp survivor from Poland awhile back. I wonder often about her. 

Finally this morning, I hit my usual hang out on Lakeshore in Oakland. This is the place where that little old homeless lady was seen camping out in one of the store’s comfortable chairs. She would then make her way across the street to the all night donut shop until the reopening of the store the next day. A younger woman in a Mercedes Benz would drop by and give her spending money daily…

There is a lot of diversity in these local Peet’s. They don’t have Peet’s in Florida nor New Jersey and it’s only in California where Somali men can meet up and talk politics without being considered terrorists. Only in Berkeley can a diverse group of thinking souls resist what’s going on in these dangerous times. I love Peet’s and California. This too will pass

Old Is New Again…

Talk about a guy who played to the wrong audience. There he was, The Leader of The Free World, telling his audience of teens and pre-teens about loyalty to him. Maybe he thought he was in Germany 1938 when another devilish man like him met with his assembled youth movement and told them he too needed undying loyalty. 

What the heck is wrong with this man? I’ve noticed The Orange One also likes to greet his audience with his own raised right clenched fist salute. The other guy, way back when, kind of greeted his followers the same way with his arm out stretched. Wasn’t it Ivana Trump, his first wife, who said he would read a book of the past leader’s speeches before going to sleep?

I haven’t even brought up the constant lies and of how the current administration over and over tells the same ones. I guess the guy back in the 30’s was right when he said, no one believes the little lie and keep telling the same one over and over and the people will believe it. I guess Rtump really did follow that guy’s playbook. This too isn’t passing  fast enough but it will.

It’s Always Something. Matt Please Stop.

This time the excuse was, “I was at my probation meeting and they said I had an outstanding warrant.” I just didn’t want to ask the question what was it for. I knew it would be some convulted story how he was doing what he was supposed to be doing and they suddenly arrested him on the spot.

So now Matt is once again in the San Diego main jail calling me and asking me bail him out. Unfortunately for him, he has a no bail thing going so he’ll be there until further notice. I begged him for all these months to get in a program and I would always hear the usual excuses of why he couldn’t or wouldn’t.

I swear I cringe when I see a 619 area code number pop up on my phone for I know it’s some bad news about to hit. It will either be “I’m sorry to inform you or your son is in trouble.” What more can I say on this subject? This too will pass

I Miss Toonce…

The other early morning I was driving towards, well quite frankly I don’t remember where I was heading but there I was on a narrow country road in Sonoma. My headlights cast on a sight that petrified me, up ahead on the side of the road was a big fluffy dog sitting cold and dead. From where it was, you could tell it hadn’t been hit by a car but it was definitely deceased.

The dog looked old. It kind of looked like the Cujo dog, you know the one which had rabies back in that seventies movie. It’s eyes were glassed over and it must have succumbed sitting on its hind legs. For a moment I thought, I better tell the owner but what would you tell them? I believe your dog died. I swear I didn’t hit it.

I drove on towards where ever I was heading. This past winter was tough with Toonce’s passing. I called out, “Toonce! I hope you’re ok! You were the best cat I ever had!” This too will pass

The Old Man and The Pee…

Today was my 17th day of working in a row and I wasn’t in the mood to take any guff from any customer. The trouble read, “Customer Irate. Send calm technician to customer’s premise.” The computer doesn’t read the comments made, so saying that was pointless. I showed at the front door with a smile on my face. Apparently, the old codger didn’t like someone to show up to his door with a smile. It went downhill from there quickly.

Oh, I didn’t mention the man only had his white boxer shorts on with stains. He quickly said, “Well. What is the problem with my fax machine?” I told him I would first check to see if the problem outside. He didn’t like that answer, that’s when he put his hand on his jaw and tapped his fingers and said, “You aren’t to be much help.” 

It was then when I said, “I need to get to where the line comes in.” He replied, “I’m going to put my dog away so you don’t sue me.” A few minutes later he came to the side gate and said, “The dog is on his chain.” The chain turned out to be a thin plastic link chain and the dog was a massive pit bull.  

I went back to the front door and rang the door bell. This time he said, “Did you fix my problem?” I replied, “Your dog needs to be locked up or I can’t continue. If I get bitten by him, your home owners insurance company won’t like me.” At this point, I just didn’t care. He replied, “I’m not doing anymore for you.” I quietly said, “Ok. Well I’ll be leaving now and when we do return, the dog really better be restrained better. He slammed the door… This too

A Toonce Dream

I had a dream the other night that Toonce was on the other side of a redwood fence and meowed. I could tell it was him by his nose color. His sister hasn’t been doing well and maybe Toonce came to check up on her. Pip and Toonce lived together until Toonce was naughty and bit a neighbor’s child. 

Pip has been getting cranky in her old age. In fact, I dropped by to visit Tashi and M. and she attacked me for no reason. All I did was try to scratch her head and pet her, she didn’t like it at all. Hopefully, Toonce told her not to come over to the other side yet. I’m sure that Toonce came by tovisit. He was just that kind of cat. This too will pass

What Now!

Now I’ve heard it all, The Orange Buffoon asked his team of lawyers if he could grant himself a presidential pardon. Only a constitutional lawyer knows if he can or can’t but this just more of the constant madness from Trump. What do you want to bet, he attempts to grant his whole troop a presidential pardon. Even some of the more rational Republicans are starting to see the king has no clothes on and jumping off the sinking ship.

Besides The Orange Stalin’s views on climate change and immigration, he’s an illiterate man. He actually thought Fredrick Douglass was still living. Wasn’t it he who praised Mr. Douglass’s work on civil rights? He also thought Andrew Jackson was alive during the American Civil War. My goodness, what a moron. Yet, there are those in Florida and Arizona who would vote for this nut job again.

Donald Trump is an embarrassment. Can you imagine if President Obama had gone up to the wife of France’s President and said, “You look like you take care of yourself!” That reminds me of Cleavon Little’s greatest line in Mel Brook’s Blazing Saddles, “Where da white women at?” Maybe they will make a movie about this joke of a leader. Too bad Leslie Neilson is no longer with us, he would have played a good Trump. This too will pass

O.J Simpson A Model Citizen..? Please

I found it quite amusing that during Mr. Simpon’s parole hearing, he told the parole board that he’s always been a model citizen. I guess he forgot all that stuff about a glove that didn’t fit so you must acquit talk and a wild police chase in a white Ford Bronco. You would think he’d remember Marcia Clark, Chris Darden, Judge Ito and his “Dream Team” of lawyers but that’s just me…

This isn’t about him being a black man, this is about a man who is still a total narcissistic jerk. During his questioning by the parole board he made it sound as if he didn’t know he and his buddies were going to pull a robbery. Funny how it was everyone else’s fault but not his…

Mr. Simpson hasn’t changed during his time in prison. He’s the same old guy he’s always been. I wonder if during the last few years he’s been in jail, he’s been asking around to see if anyone knew who killed his estranged wife Nicole? Wasn’t it he who said, “I’m going to search everyday for her killer?” What a fake… This too will pass