My New Routine…

The second the clock hit 7:30pm last night I pressed the Uber app. A few seconds later I was picking up the first of many riders of the night. Yes, I had a few drunk passengers but it didn’t matter because I still enjoyed their patronage. These three guys get in the car and instantly they in unison said, “Music! Music! Music!” A minute later they forgot all about their request and they were onto talking about their Uber ratings. 

A few riders, a couple from jumped in, “San Francisco please if you would.” I said, “Of course! Are you tourist or locals?” They replied, “We are from France and yes we are tourists.” I offered to be their impromptu tour guide. As we drove towards their destination, we laughed and talked about The Orange President and their new president.

As we approached their drop off location, I noticed it was deep in the Tenderlion, a known seedy area. They were going to meet their friends at a bar. I warned them to just be careful and walk with speed when they were to leave. I love Uber! This too will pass

4 thoughts on “My New Routine…

  1. You are a great person, and you care about others. It shows in how you interact, and how they enjoy being with you. SO now you have a career you do to make ends meet, and an enjoyable pastime as a job you love to do. You will Uber long after you retire from your career. Hugs

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