The Sex Addict…

My last ride of the night actually creeped me out and maybe by sharing this with you, I might get some insight. His name popped up as Sean and I was to pick him up at a local bar in Glen Ellen, Ca. It was 9:30pm on a Sunday night and the main street was empty. He jumped in and gave me the address, I already knew it but I let him tell me it again. He asked for a favor of taking him to his destination and then onto a bar to drop off a set of keys. 

As we headed to his first stop, he started telling me how he had met a woman at the bar and of how he wanted to return and hook up with that woman. Well, that was his plan unless he happened to meet up with another woman at the bar where he was to drop off the keys at. Let me say this about Sean, his tight fitting tee shirt fit perfectly over his muscle ripped chest and his perfect chiseled face had dimples would put my dimples to shame.

We got to the key drop off bar and as he went in he said, “Wait for me. I’ll come out either way.” I waited and sure enough he came out. “Damn she wasn’t there. Please take me back to where you picked me up.” Ten minutes later there we were. He sprung out of the passengers seat and said, “Wish me luck.” As I drove back to The Firewood Temple, I thought that’s exactly how a drug addict acts,  always looking to find their next fix. This too will pass

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