The Verb Is To Uber…

The Fourth of July was an amazing day for driving. I racked up 25 rides and it actually felt as if I was the only driver in Sonoma. One right after another my phone chimed “Pick Up Next Rider.” A good share of the trips were long hauls which added to the till. At one point, I had to turn off the app and take a well deserved breather and stretch my legs.

My riders encluded drunk firefighters, intoxicated couples and a teenage looking porn actress. I could go into how I knew she made blue movies but I won’t. Her name was Tara, a mere child who was so worried that she looked old. For her, twenty-five was old. Her three companions giggled at her expense that she was in the movie making industry in LA. As the three in the back seat were wrapped up in sending each other snap chats and yelling out the window, I told Tara, “Be okay with yourself.” She replied, “I know but in my industry I need to look young.”

When she told me, “If I was to get work done, it would be my nose.” It blew me away, there was nothing wrong with her nose but in her mind it needed work. As the three others got out of the car I gave her some fatherly advice, “What are you doing with these kids. You are way more mature.” She replied, “I know.” She handed me a twenty dollar tip… This too will pass

One thought on “The Verb Is To Uber…

  1. Sounds like an interesting Fourth of Day-Resist tRump day for you, Juan. Self-image?! Oh, hell, we all go through that one, don’t we? Eventually some of us find out that is bs and just be true to ourselves. I love my belly and my belly loves me (so does Buddha).

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