He Says He Didn’t Do It….

If Vladimir Putin said he had nothing to do with our election hack then he didn’t do it or so thinks The Orange Buffoon. The Russians must be laughing at us and what’s more Trump thinks he scored a major diplomatic coup. Let’s face it, we have dumbed down people in this country who thought a reality television host would make one heck of a leader. We are doomed…

This is madness and we haven’t seen anything yet. Between the moron’s twitter rants and his constant telling us about The Fake Media; I swear, you just don’t know when the next shoe will drop. Will today be the day Our Orange Nero decided to invade North Korea to take the attention off something he didn’t like on the news?

Hopefully Melania sees by now that the king has no clothes on and says something. She won’t but it would be nice. Oh and I find it ironic bordering on pathetic that Melania has decided to fight cyber bullying while the biggest bully in cyberland stands next to her in the reception line… This too will pass

One thought on “He Says He Didn’t Do It….

  1. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    It is the whole world that is laughing at us. We have down graded in the world standing. They are now calling their decisions the G-19. Think on it, in five months we went from world leader to world dunce. The USA was either feared or loved, but never laughed at. Not now. Now they talk around us rather than include us on the world stage. How far down the hole will we fall? I don’t know. Will it come to the day that world leaders stop taking calls from the US? will it happened soon? Hugs

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