Trump and Putin’s Big Announcement….

The Orange Buffoon told us thru a tweet that he and his Russian buddy would develop a team to fight another election hack. Later he tweeted it wasn’t likely. My question to him would be, “Mr. President! At what point did you realize you are a complete and total moron?” My follow up would be, “Do you think a deal with the guy who ordered the break in would be a good thing?” I think I had better ask the first question as a follow up.

So Vladimir Putin told The Orange Stalin that he did not hack our elections and The Orange One upon hearing that, decided to forget all of our intelligence agencies findings and tell Putin, “Let’s forget about it. Let’s work together.” He really is a moron, a total and complete one I might add. 

Our friends on the right either haven’t been listening to the news lately or are still so hung up with that catchy phrase, “Make America Great Again.” I guess they aren’t seeing what’s going on and now it’s come to light that Donald Trump Jr. and others met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign to get some salacious information on Hillary Clinton. Where will it stop? What’s next? This too will pass

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