My Junk Mail Is Full Again…

Ir, yes that’s his name, says he can get me girls that want to be with me but so will Popish, Vrak and Sna. How is it that these four guys and I presume they are guys, know girls in my area? All I have to do is give each of them my credit card number and they will introduce me to their friends in my area. 

Let’s see what else is in my bag of spam… Walmart, Home Depot and Sears want me to receive a prepaid gift card of dollars 50 if I just give them my credit card number to cover the cost of shipping the gift cards to me. I guess their research company is on such a tight budget that they can’t afford a stamp and envelope. 

Finally, a well known doctor has offered to fix my male enhancement issues with a bottle of his pills. Okay so he’s not from around here, he’s from Nirobi but for the mere cost of dollars 25, he can make me a real man. He says he’s done all the research so I won’t have to do it and he says I would get all my money back if it doesn’t work. This too will pass

4 thoughts on “My Junk Mail Is Full Again…

  1. Whole Foods and Amazon are attempting to merge! A mega conglomerate where you can get squash souup, a massive dildo, the volumes of DeSade as well as a Mary Poppins girl doll looking at Julie Andrews in her prime. What’s next? Maybe a get-out-of-jail card and one for total health insurance coverage at the expense of Mitch McConnell? (without him knowing about it.)


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