Have We Fallen This Far…

Please tell me movie goers won’t want to waste their time on this sort of crap or will they? Has the movie industry lost it or do they think we have been dumbed down so badly as to think we would watch this sort of dreck? 

Unfortunately, a movie about these “loveable” phone screen characters will probably make more money than Gone With The Wind and Ben Hur put together. What do you want to bet McDonald’s already is making Happy Meals with the cute characters on their bags. Nothing says tasty as a poop character on your food container. 

I guess this movie is directed towards the easily entertained. What do you want to bet there are jokes made about “Poop” smelling bad? I couldn’t make this stuff up. Have we Americans been so dumbed down to  put an Orange Buffoon into The White House and have us waste 90 minutes watching emojis crack jokes? Sadly, I guess we have…. This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Have We Fallen This Far…

  1. Well it sure will be a movie 5th and 6th grade boys will love. Anyone with more maturity or education may not. But this has been coming for a while. Adam Sandler movies are all about dumb shit grade school kids would find funny. Boy locker room humor. In fact I find a lot of movies have gone that way in the last 10 years. Maybe longer. Hugs

    P.s. Hope you are well and still driving. I have not been able to do much blog reading lately. Hugs

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      • Yes, My left hip is destroyed. My bones are dying friend. I had the right hip replaced in 2004. I have damage to the vertebrae in my spine and of course the disk material in some is goofed up. I have bones growing wrong in the spine. Back to the left hip. I have been working as it was dying. Then it go so bad I had to stop working due to that and my back. Last year I fell and landed on my left knee. That impact destroyed what was left of the ball on my left femur. It also damaged the socket in the pelvis that the ball goes into. So my body is fighting a lot of things, dying bones, spine damage, organ issues, hormones all messed up, immune system attacking it my own body on issues, anemia, and oh muscle disease to name a few of the things I try to deal with daily. 🙂 But it is just a thing, everyone has issues to deal with in life as you know. Mine are body and health. You have seen what can be worse. You know how devastating Matt’s condition is to him and you. I am very fortunate to have health insurance and access to health care. My doctors are good. Many don’t have those things. Many are living under a bridge or such. So I never forget how lucky I am. Hugs


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