She’s In Shock…

I’ve been coming to this coffee stand since I started living at The Firewood Temple and every morning Diana would greet me with a smile and happy words. From time to time we would exchange pictures of our grandchildren. 

Eight months ago her husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. She told me of how they had gone to Stanford Medical Center for some advanced treatment and of his progress. One morning I said to her, “If things don’t go well, you need to seek counseling so you don’t fall apart.” She agreed with me.

Unfortunately, he passed away a few weeks ago. Her young employee told me she was suffering extremely and wouldn’t be around much. Yesterday, there she was smiling and bubbling with excitement; it was as if she had won the lottery. I started to say to her, “I’m sorr…” She quickly replied, “I’m here so I can forget about…” It was right then she turned to another customer and said, “He sweetie! What can I get you?” This too will pass

2 thoughts on “She’s In Shock…

  1. Wow. She must still be burning inside. You touched a hot button there, but you’d think she would have been more polite to you! Ya never know how people will react to the simplist things or words.

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