The Intense Man…

It was the last ride of the night and that was fine for me. I actually wish I hadn’t accepted the request. An unshaven young man jumped in the car and said, “Mountain Vista!” I knew what Mountain Vista Treatment Facility dealt with and I figured that he must have been out on some sort of day pass to visit his family. He said, “I’m late. Get me there fast!”

Max was an intense man who towered over me and he exuded a rather scary vibe. As we went along our way, I got out of him that he was a soldier who had been honorably discharged from the army. His grandfather was a retired military man who operated a security business in Sonoma. At one point he said, “Hey would it be ok if we stopped at the 7/11 store on the way?” “Sure” I said. He came out of the store chugging two high caffeine iced coffees.

As we approached the facility he said, “Drop me off at the guard shack. I sit there until 6am when I get relieved. I make sure the drunks and addicts don’t run off.” It was right then I realized he wasn’t a patient, he was a guard. As he got out he said, “I got you! You like my psycho act?” We both laughed… This too will pass

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