What Now!

Now I’ve heard it all, The Orange Buffoon asked his team of lawyers if he could grant himself a presidential pardon. Only a constitutional lawyer knows if he can or can’t but this just more of the constant madness from Trump. What do you want to bet, he attempts to grant his whole troop a presidential pardon. Even some of the more rational Republicans are starting to see the king has no clothes on and jumping off the sinking ship.

Besides The Orange Stalin’s views on climate change and immigration, he’s an illiterate man. He actually thought Fredrick Douglass was still living. Wasn’t it he who praised Mr. Douglass’s work on civil rights? He also thought Andrew Jackson was alive during the American Civil War. My goodness, what a moron. Yet, there are those in Florida and Arizona who would vote for this nut job again.

Donald Trump is an embarrassment. Can you imagine if President Obama had gone up to the wife of France’s President and said, “You look like you take care of yourself!” That reminds me of Cleavon Little’s greatest line in Mel Brook’s Blazing Saddles, “Where da white women at?” Maybe they will make a movie about this joke of a leader. Too bad Leslie Neilson is no longer with us, he would have played a good Trump. This too will pass

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