The Old Man and The Pee…

Today was my 17th day of working in a row and I wasn’t in the mood to take any guff from any customer. The trouble read, “Customer Irate. Send calm technician to customer’s premise.” The computer doesn’t read the comments made, so saying that was pointless. I showed at the front door with a smile on my face. Apparently, the old codger didn’t like someone to show up to his door with a smile. It went downhill from there quickly.

Oh, I didn’t mention the man only had his white boxer shorts on with stains. He quickly said, “Well. What is the problem with my fax machine?” I told him I would first check to see if the problem outside. He didn’t like that answer, that’s when he put his hand on his jaw and tapped his fingers and said, “You aren’t to be much help.” 

It was then when I said, “I need to get to where the line comes in.” He replied, “I’m going to put my dog away so you don’t sue me.” A few minutes later he came to the side gate and said, “The dog is on his chain.” The chain turned out to be a thin plastic link chain and the dog was a massive pit bull.  

I went back to the front door and rang the door bell. This time he said, “Did you fix my problem?” I replied, “Your dog needs to be locked up or I can’t continue. If I get bitten by him, your home owners insurance company won’t like me.” At this point, I just didn’t care. He replied, “I’m not doing anymore for you.” I quietly said, “Ok. Well I’ll be leaving now and when we do return, the dog really better be restrained better. He slammed the door… This too

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