I Miss Toonce…

The other early morning I was driving towards, well quite frankly I don’t remember where I was heading but there I was on a narrow country road in Sonoma. My headlights cast on a sight that petrified me, up ahead on the side of the road was a big fluffy dog sitting cold and dead. From where it was, you could tell it hadn’t been hit by a car but it was definitely deceased.

The dog looked old. It kind of looked like the Cujo dog, you know the one which had rabies back in that seventies movie. It’s eyes were glassed over and it must have succumbed sitting on its hind legs. For a moment I thought, I better tell the owner but what would you tell them? I believe your dog died. I swear I didn’t hit it.

I drove on towards where ever I was heading. This past winter was tough with Toonce’s passing. I called out, “Toonce! I hope you’re ok! You were the best cat I ever had!” This too will pass

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