It’s Always Something. Matt Please Stop.

This time the excuse was, “I was at my probation meeting and they said I had an outstanding warrant.” I just didn’t want to ask the question what was it for. I knew it would be some convulted story how he was doing what he was supposed to be doing and they suddenly arrested him on the spot.

So now Matt is once again in the San Diego main jail calling me and asking me bail him out. Unfortunately for him, he has a no bail thing going so he’ll be there until further notice. I begged him for all these months to get in a program and I would always hear the usual excuses of why he couldn’t or wouldn’t.

I swear I cringe when I see a 619 area code number pop up on my phone for I know it’s some bad news about to hit. It will either be “I’m sorry to inform you or your son is in trouble.” What more can I say on this subject? This too will pass

4 thoughts on “It’s Always Something. Matt Please Stop.

  1. Like riding on a roller coast that has no ending, huh?! I can’t stomach roller coasters. Sometimes I wonder if I’m in the loony bid looking out or outside looking in! Hang in there, Juan.

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