Life Lessons…

This year is half way over and soon 2018 will be showing up. An astrologer told me a few years back that I would get seriously ill in 2018 yet get over it. To tell you the truth, I don’t believe sickness is in my cards. I have other lessons I signed up for prior to birth but not sickness.

Yesterday I was listening to a story on NPR of how a teenager had been in a serious auto accident. With every bone broken in his body, the doctors told his parents that the end was near for him. The doctors were going to take him off life support if he did not respond to them on an assigned day. 

The doctors called out, “Do you hear me? Raise one finger.” He heard every word they spoke but he just couldn’t do it. Again they said, “Steve! Raise a finger now!” This went on four times and then a blue light filled him and there was clapping in the room. Steve had moved his finger. 

Later he said in the interview, “I thank the stars everyday for giving me that accident because I was allowed to see The Supreme Being. I swear, there I was, driving down the road in my company truck with tears of joy in my eyes. The truth is, no one wants to have a massive accident to see The Cosmic Consciousness at work but sometimes it takes that… This too will pass

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