The event will last all of two and a half minutes if that, crickets will begin to do their thing and owls may hoot. It’s totally foggy here this morning so it won’t make much of a difference. While Ed is on his knees waiting for the rapture to start shortly thereafter, I’ll be trying to get someone’s fiber internet going. 

Maybe I’m just ignorant but I still don’t understand how an eclipse works and I also don’t comprehend how fiber brown light works. The Hindu sages of long ago have said that this thing we call existence is nothing more than a grand illusion or what they called Maya. I tend to agree with them… This too will pass

And Then There Was Sarah…

Saturday morning I Uber’ed prior to starting my regular job. I’ve come to realize that most of my riders on weekend mornings are those who have partyed heavily and then have made the smart choice not to drive home, yesterday was no different. 

After a winding road to the top of Mount Tamilpias, I got to a gate. This wasn’t just any gate. The brushed brass gate cost a fortune alone. A dishuffled woman bounched down the driveway. The smell of alcohol, cigarettes and sex filled the air beyond belief outside the car. She poured herself in the backseat and said, “One Saint Francis Drive please. You know how to get there? I might fall asleep.”  

Twenty minutes later we arrived at her drop off location. As she departed I said, “Sarah wake up, we’re here. Hey listen, Please be good to yourself.” She replied, “Yeah. I need to start doing that. I actually think I have a problem.” I replied, “You’re young still and maybe the first step is realizing you do. Be good to yourself.” This too will pass

The Eclipse Is The Official Sign of The Apocalypse…

Did you hear once the eclipse finishes on Monday the Four Horsemen of Death will be riding in.  In 1871 when the last solar eclipse roiled thru, people fell to their knees praying that they would be saved from hell. Fast forward a hundred and fifty year and still there are those who are sure this is it for the end of the world. 

Poor Ed came in and stated, “You know in The Bible it talks about how the planets and stars will up. I tried to tell Ed that the people of biblical times didn’t have a clue what a planet was let alone a star. He didn’t want to hear my explanation. Robe likes to tease Ed and mentioned he had a chip embedded in his hand. Evidently that too is some sort of sign that the end of times is near…

Monday, the moon will block out the sun fora few minutes and then it will be done. It’s that simple. If it’s more than that, nice knowing you. This too will pass

Rats Off A Sinking Ship…

I love it! Steve Bannon has departed from The White House inner sanctum and now Brietbart News says they will fight Bannon’s former boss. Maybe The Grand Psychopath is starting to feel the heat but here’s the thing, even some Republican Senators are speaking out against their glorious leader. 

After Rtump’s half-hearted condemnation of White Supremacists and then he tells the people of this country about how they were good people on that side, even his own side sees that the king has no clothes… Only Rtump’s blind followers aren’t seeing how delusional their leader is… 

At some point, the disgusting pot will boil over and this sick experiment will end; a man who was a reality host and mentally ill man doesn’t make a good president. This too will pass

560 KSFO Shame On You…

There’s this moronic talk show guy who does a morning drive-time weekday radio show and he’s your typical Right Wing Tool who tells his audience how wonderful Rtump is. He does this even when The Orange One really messes up badly. Oh it also highlights Rush Limbaugh outtakes to make matters worse.

This morning, he was telling his listeners how White Supremacists are at heart good people. Good people huh? Tell me when they’re good people? When they scream out, “Jews die!” How about when they salute Adolf Hitler and call for blacks to be run out of town. Maybe my definition of good people is different than Mr. Rtump’s definition. 

A civil war is coming to this country and I believe the sides are drawn. The Right vs. The Left. There will be no in between and unfortunately this last weekend’s violence was just the start. Next weekend, the White Supremacists under the disguise of Patriotic Prayer Group will show up in San Francisco and Berkeley. Hopefully thousands will show up to drown out their hateful chants… God have mercy on us… This too will pass

“Fine People on Both Sides?”

Trump is officially a supporter of White Supremacists and after today’s news conference we all now know which side he’s beholding to. I can’t believe The President of The United States of America said of the protesters in Charlottesville Virginia, “There were fine people on both sides.” For God sakes, there were skinheads, Neo-Nazi’s and White Supremacists on the other side. 

Maybe if I just pinch myself  and this nightmare will end. Even his troop behind him couldn’t believe their ears when he broke away from his script and went on a tirade. I’m sure some of his less ardent supporters are wondering when the best time to jump ship will be. This too will pass

I Actually Felt Sorry For Sandy…

This morning I decided to turn on the Uber app and point my destination as San Francisco International Airport. I didn’t get a rider bing till I got into Novato. The ride would profitable due to the distance. Dennis got in and quietly said, “Terminal Three United.” Off we went with few if any words along the way. 

I don’t remember how far we had gone before he got a business call from what appeared to be his close counterpart. He must have been in the position of hiring and firing people. At one point he said, “Yeah I know Sandy has kids but she isn’t making her quota and well, she’ll be out on Friday. Yeah, she’ll be given her papers.” 

I don’t know what Sandy did or didn’t do but I actually cared about her. She’s probably doing the best she can but obviously that’s not good enough. The rest of the trip was uneventful and I actually couldn’t wait to get that guy out of my car. I’m sure he was just doing his job but the callous insensitivity was too much. Sorry Sandy but Dennis is one cold blooded man. This too will pass

Thoughts on “White Nationalists”

I’m going to say it again, White Supremacysts (I know it’s Supremacists) have somehow rebranded themselves as patriotic people trying to restore the balance of power to this country of ours. I find it interesting that we’ve stopped calling them White Supremacysts. I guess saying Supremacists has always denoted hate and racism but you know as well as I, it’s the same bunch of haters and racists.

If World War II had ended differently and this was a territory of Germany, I wouldn’t have been born. My father was very dark skinned and spoke with a heavy accent, there would have been no place for him in this country. By now, the elected puppet leader might have already erected a wall to keep dark skinned people out of this country. 

Just imagine we have a leader who can’t step up to a segment of his base and say stop the racist attacks. One easily led twenty year old decided to plow down some peaceful protesters. When he gets out of prison, he’ll be an old man but don’t worry about him, I’m sure he’ll be looked upon as a White Nationalist-Supremacyst hero, I meant to say White Supremacist hero… This too will pass

White Nationalists?

Isn’t it wonderful what a little rebranding can do? I guess saying White Nationalist sounds so much better that say White Supremacist. You know it sound rather patriotic  and now we have a President who was actually endorsed by this group of people who just want to take this country back to how it used to be. You know how it used to be; where certain people knew their positions in life and my dark skinned father was called a wetback.

Anyway, the White Supremacists, I mean White Nationalists got their man in The White House this last election and what did their man do the minute he got in? He hired Steve Bannon. You know Mr. Bannon! He calls himself a Nationalist but keeps out the White word, it sounds so much less threatening. 

So there was a riot in Virginia yesterday and people were killed. What did Their Man in The White House do? He denounced both sides for the violence. For the past few decades White Supremacists were asked or told not to show up to cause trouble. Today they have the unspoken backing of President Donald J. Trump… This too isn’t passing fast enough but it will. 

Living Under The Threat of Death…

They say if you duck and cover you’ll be just fine. They also say if you can get to a civil defense bomb shelter you can eat canned stewed prunes till the radiation subsides in five or six year. You don’t think our government was lying to us do you? Nikita Khrushchev once said, “The survivors of a nuclear war will envy those who died instantly.” If you think cancer rates have spiked recently, you ain’t seen nothing should a bomb or two be detonated even over the Pacific Ocean. 

We have a man in The White House who so readily boasts, “There will be fire and fury so powerful that has never been seen.” So while they wisk him away to an underground safe zone, we on the West Coast will be dying slowly in our own vomit. Ask any survivor of Hiroshima what it was like after the bomb was dropped on their city. I’m sure they all envied their dead neighbors and family members… This too will pass