News You Don’t Want To Tell…

I had called Matt’s mom yesterday afternoon and left a message, “Bert’s it’s me. Matt pled guilty and will be doing six months in jail. Give me a call.” This morning I got a call back. “I got your message. He plead guilty?” I guess the public defender told him that if it went to trial, he’d get two years if he was convicted.

I could hear despair in her voice when she said, “Hunter’s sister will be born by then. I wish he would wise up.” I didn’t want to rub salt in her wounded heart by saying she had enabled him while he lived with her. Oh who’s calling the kettle black said the frying pan. I enabled him or looked the other direction… I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t done so too.

I told her I had told him to keep his mouth shut and keep below the radar. He won’t or he’ll make a comment to one of his fellow inmates which he’ll later have to fight about. When he gets out in January, he’ll make up some excuse for not entering a program and the cycle will repeat… This too will pass 


9 thoughts on “News You Don’t Want To Tell…

  1. Sorry Juan, for all of you. This country desperately needs long term care facilities for the mentally ill. Jail is not the proper place and there is no treatment. It won’t change soon enough to be much help for Matt, but we are working on changing it. Hugs

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