I’ve Changed My Goals

You know the problem with me is, I can’t stick to one goal. If I was young and in med school, I would quit and do something else. It was just four years ago when I was telling my readers how I wanted to retire. Okay, I’ve changed my mind and now I now intend on working for The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company until they drag me out feet first.

I could have easily moved back to New Jersey but it’s either too hot or too cold there for me. I really don’t belong there, oh I don’t mind visiting but that’s about it. No, I belong here in California. I swear, I noticed that everyone in New Jersey has this look on their faces. It’s as if they smelt something bad or stepped in something. I really don’t want to get that look.

Two old timers finally retired over the past month, that bumps me up two positions on the seniority list to number 9. Brother J. still leads the pack with 45 years. Second in line is Leslie H., she’s constantly looking thru the trash for what she can find. I haven’t said more than a few sentences to her and she’s kind of a strange character. She takes care of the UC Campus and that’s about it.

Then there’s this guy, Juan G., he drives an old truck and installs fiber drops to people’s houses. He does about two jobs a day because quite frankly, he’s near the end of his career. He’s a character too, he lives in his RV on his buddy’s property and he used to have a cool cat he loved, now he has nothing. I could list off the others in his garage but I won’t… This too will pass

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