What I Saw Today Made Me Sick…

My first job out the gate was a fiber installation job at 32nd and Market in West Oakland. That part of Oakland hasn’t quite been fully gentrified yet so the locals still hang out at the corners doing what they do. The tire marks at the intersections stand testament that this is still somewhat of a lawless part of Oakland. Graffiti abounds on every flat surface and it’s nowhere I’d like find myself at night.

Josh and I were going about our business when we suddenly heard laughter and loud words from the street corner. I peeked over the wooden fence and saw a man being attacked. He was covered from head to toe with a white powder. The men covering him were also joyously kicking the man down the street. The women of the mob were holding their phones capturing the incident and laughing. 

I don’t know whether the victim had done anything to them but he paid the price for walking past them. Josh turned to me a said, “He’s homeless and I bet they caught him taking a dump on their property.” I shook my head and said, “If they were to be in court they would be telling the judge how sorry they were and promising never to do it again.”  We both went back to our job of getting the guy’s internet in service…This too will pass

One thought on “What I Saw Today Made Me Sick…

  1. It is sad how we have sunk to a predatory society where our youth have no compassion. Where did they learn to take fun at others expense? When did they find so little in themselves that they can’t see the suffering of others? I think of animals that eat their young. I get so tired of these hateful things now. I use to have more energy to fight it, now I am so disgusted yet can’t seem to fight it like I use to. Hugs


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