72 Years Ago…

It was on this date that 142,000 died when the crew of the Enola Gay dropped a single bomb on Hiroshima Japan. The bomb was the gift that kept on giving, things such a more death and destruction along with cancer and disease. Those who lived thru the blast remember seeing a bright light and then nothing until they were saved from the rubble.

Now our leadership is telling us how we might need to send off a few nuclear weapons to destroy North Korea before they send their missiles here. Today’s weapons will make what we dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like firecrackers and you know even more will die. We have two deranged leaders who think their actions are right. It more scared about Our Orange One because he’s not mentally well. The guy in North Korea is equally a nut job so don’t get me wrong… Madness… This too will pass

One thought on “72 Years Ago…

  1. The guy in North Korea is desperate to keep his position of power. His dynasty. He rightly knows that the only way to make sure he is not displaced is to have a threat weapon over those who might cause his reign to end. So he is desperate to get a nuke that can threaten the only ones he thinks still can take him out. So at least he has some rational reason for what he is doing. Does the orange guy in the White House?
    What far too many people forget is that no matter how much firepower we use at first, no matter what plan of attack, South Korea and Japan are in the missile and ordnance range of North Korea. The North has a huge conventional arms that makes it impossible we could knock them all out in a first strike.
    The other thing many forget is nuclear radiation drift. I was in the radioactive cloud from chernobyl. I couldn’t take the medication that offered a bit of limited protection and so I got more than my lifetime dose of radiation and it is the cause of some of my problems today. IF we use nuclear weapons on North Korea it will cause radiation death for a huge part of the world, it will contaminate all sources of food stuff, ground soil, and even water and water creatures. So how much of the world is tRump willing to destroy to look tough and manly in the minds of his simpleton followers? Hugs


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