Life Is Better Than Death…

Usually the above statement would be correct but what I’m about to tell you might change your mind. As I was heading to work yesterday, I came upon the homeless encampment under the 980 Interstate Overpass in Oakland; one of many that have popped up might I add.

There they were, two down and out gentlemen in the midst of a heated argument. I sat there watching as I waited for the light to change. The two men were locked in a verbal battle until one of the contestants couldn’t hold back his punches. I guess the crowd of homeless watching the war cheered on the battle. 

As quick as it started, it ended. The punch thrower picked up his bicycle frame treasure and walled away. From what I could tell, the guy who got hit had tried to take the bike frame and he was stopped. All I could think was, “Is this what we have come to? A land of homeless camps and trash piled up at every street corner.” This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Life Is Better Than Death…

  1. I would prefer death to living on the streets. There’s only so much degradation that I can take, and living on the streets is too much to imagine for me. I’ve seen these folks, put money in the palms of some of them, and can only wish things were otherwise. I witnesses two cops kicking a homeless man in NYC, way back in the late 70s. I was walking with a friend. When I was about to go over to the cops to give them a piece of my mind, my friend grabbed me by the arm and pulled me away, saying “Don’t you dare.” If I saw it today, no one would pull me away. I stand my ground. Cops or no cops.


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