“I Am The Greatest Man In The World…”

Something is truly wrong with The Leader of The Free World and I am sorry for those low IQ supporters of his. Okay, I’m going to leave out those who voted for him who now wish they hadn’t. Mistakes happen but this man is seriously ill and his supporters continue to write it off as him being new to Washington.

This moron thinks he can make statements which are outright lies and he won’t need to be held accountable for them. He then calls his opponents losers and clowns, good way to bring people together. Even Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona has had enough of Rtump’s behavior. On Meet The Press, the Senator said he should stop saying lock her up, it isn’t right. 

Something is wrong here and those morons who back this guy are too blind to see that Rtump is not presidential material. Hopefully this Russian investigation will bring to light some damning things about his income. Maybe just maybe the Russians gave heavily to his campaign fund?  Wouldn’t that be interesting? This too will pass

One thought on ““I Am The Greatest Man In The World…”

  1. Some people can’t admit that they were wrong, so they continue to support him and don’t care that he’s made our country “irrelevant.” That’s what the other countries are calling us now…irrelevant. From leaders of the free world to that all because a moron is supposed to be the head of our pathetic country.

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