My Boss Is Cool…

I had fallen asleep in my truckand my supervisor happened to roll up on me. Now my former supervisor would have dragged me over the coals but not him. Marco told me that I worked too many days in a row and he’d give me a day off should I want it. I took it. They say new boss is the same as the old boss but that’s not true for John would have given me a few days off unpaid and a warning…

I’m just tired and Marco knew it. I guess I’m getting old andI don’t want to admit it to myself. So today I do some laundry and go get the mail. I might even pick up a prescription and take an afternoon nap.  This too will pass

5 thoughts on “My Boss Is Cool…

  1. I won’t remind you to take care of yourself. I would remind you that you have a grandson who will have it hard enough and it would be worse without his grandfather. Rest friend, do something that makes you happy. Hugs

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