The Drums of War Are Sounding…

You may not believe this but a fire storm apocalypse is coming. Oh alright, it won’t be that bad. We’ll probably lose Seattle and San Francisco but they’ll lose Downtown Pyongyang. I wonder if our military experts realize we have a lot more to lose. 

If Seattle goes up in smoke, Starbucks and Microsoft will be a memory and Uber, Facebook and Google will cease to exist if the Bay Area goes up in smoke. Should that day happen, and Kim Jun Un decides to launch a missile towards us, I’m sure our defense system will knock it out of the sky. 

Should one of their ICBM’s get thru, those of us who are hit won’t even know it, for those unfortunate one’s outside the blast zone they will die slowly but surely. This whole thing can be stopped if someone tells Rtump that there’s a Noble Peace Prize in it for him and he would be on the cover of Time. We are totally screwed. This too will pass

2 thoughts on “The Drums of War Are Sounding…

  1. I really worry about the ship to ship missiles North Korea loaded up on ships. They could take out or damage one of our ships, we have a lot of them over there being aggressive. That is when the barn doors will blow off and all the animals will stampede. Think on this. Every one I have heard on any show has said the North has so many rockets, missiles, conventional arms, mortars… that we can not bomb fast enough to to destroy them all before they could do damage to the surrounding countries. We may suffer only secondary consequences but many will be at ground zero. I don’t want North Korea to have what they clearly do have now, but as they have it, let’s talk to them. Let’s give them the one thing they will trade those nuke missiles for. The promise the US and all other countries wont invade and end the dynasty. Hugs


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