Glen Campbell Took Off…

It was announced yesterday that Glen Campbell died after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s years ago. I find it interesting that just a few days prior to his passing, a final album of his was released. I guess Glen’s family and producer hadn’t made enough money off of him. Anyway, a legend has passed and don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Mr. Campbell’s singing. I mean who didn’t? Wichita Lineman has always been my anthem of sorts doing what I do everyday…

Though it was Jimmy Webb who wrote those now famous lyrics, “And I need you more than want you and I want you for all time but the Wichita Lineman is still on the line.” That’s one song that no one else can sing because quite frankly, it will always be his song…

Without fail, his obituary in today’s paper will include his use of drugs and alcohol and of his rowdy marriage to Tanya Tucker. I’m sure later in life he looked back and said, “I wish things were different.” What’s done is done and it’s a memory. Tributes will be told of his talents and trust me, no one will mention his faults. Speakers will come to the podium and tell of his greatness. Here’s to you Glen! You sang a great rendition of MacArthurs Park. This too will pass

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