A Nuclear Apocalypse…

Almost everyday we hear of car bombs going off in Iraq and it’s usually happens in a busy marketplace or town square. The reports always include the video of people crying. We as Americans have become desensitized to other people’s suffering and those people, well they aren’t us so what does it really matter. 

Kim Jun Un now says he can deliver nuclear warheads to the west coast of this country. Can you imagine Los Angeles or San Francisco ceasing to be? Everyone knows someone who lives in L.A. Just imagine 10,000,000 soul instantly vaporized; this country nearly lost it when 3000 people died on September 11th of 2001. 

Here’s the thing, we as a country have more to lose than North Korea does. I might be wrong but the population of Los Angeles alone out numbers the population of Kim Jun Un’s land. This is what scares me the most,  we also have a leader who isn’t stable. He acts on what he thinks is right and none of his cabinet is willing to stand up to him, just like Un’s cabinet. God have mercy on us… This too will pass

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