Only In San Francisco

I needed to use my bank’s ATM this morning, so with all my brains cells I had to remember where the nearest branch was located. I made my way to the corner of Market and Noe. I said to myself, “Far out! An enclosed ATM! That keeps out the thieves and near do wells.” I put my card in the door reader and the red light kept blinking. I glanced over and saw the note on the door, “These ATMs are unavailable between 11pm and 7am so that our homeless guests may not be disturbed. Sorry for the inconvenience.” I looked for two more locations and found the same printed note on their doors too.

The reason for me being in San Francisco today is I am having a podiatrist check out my big toe nail at 8am. After failing to use the ATM, I decided to head to the doctor’s office at 2299 Post. As I traveled down Divisadero Street I notice bus after bus of Google, Facebook and Apple picking up commuters heading down to their campuses. The City of San Francisco Supervisors are trying to limit these buses which add to the congestion in The City By Thr Bay…

Finally, along my route to my appointment I happened to notice three dog hotels. Are they serious? I don’t want to sound old but in my day they were called dog kennels. This city is filled with bike lane and bikes with dogs riding in comfort. Maybe I’m wrong but saying, “It’s a dog’s life” is a good thing… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “Only In San Francisco

  1. lol But seriously so that the homeless are not disturbed? Why doesn’t the bank find shelter for these homeless? Maybe empty one of the dog hotels. SF and Oakland are covered with dogs, snake food types and medium size ones. The dogs are treated better than the humans they pass by. As for the Google, etc buses, wipe them out, ban them, make the employees ride the zoo vans the way the rest of us do, sitting next to a Chinese picking their nose and flinging the bugger onto the floor. I have no patience with the elite nor with certainly other groups of people. Hum bug.

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    • I looked into the lobby and there they were at least 10 homeless laying on the floor sound asleep…. Dog Hotels! Please… Bus after bus of nameless Google, Facebook andApple buses.


      • In reality the banks and others maybe doing all they can within the law and the limits of money they can give to the homeless. I think this is a great sign of some helping instead of just talking about a problem. We all say we want a solution for the homeless problem but no one wants to spend a cent in extra tax or government spending for it.

        As for dog hotels, well humans have done dumber stuff. I again don’t see a problem. We have allsorts of real problems and if you want to board your dog and feel you gave the dog a great treat so what, good for you. It may even cost you more, oh well.

        As for the busses, is this a real problem.Where I live there is not a lot of mass transit, and most of the large farming operations pick up the groups of pickers and workers. IT is a good thing as it is less traffic, less pollution, and the workers have less expense. Sorry I don’t see this as elitist. I see it as a company perk and one I wish all large communities did. It saves the taxpayer money in that it is less people riding community mass transit taking pressure off to expand those items.

        Juan are you OK or just out of sorts. It is not like you to be bothered by stuff that harms no one and may help some? Hope all is well. Email me if you want to talk. Hugs

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  2. Sorry I haven’t been around, I’ve been pre-occupied with my trip to CT. Can’t believe they lock up the ATMs to avoid bothering the homeless people at the expense of their customers. Whatever. Not that I lack sympathy, but unless there was s homeless person sleeping in there not sure how you would have disturbed them.


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