Living Under The Threat of Death…

They say if you duck and cover you’ll be just fine. They also say if you can get to a civil defense bomb shelter you can eat canned stewed prunes till the radiation subsides in five or six year. You don’t think our government was lying to us do you? Nikita Khrushchev once said, “The survivors of a nuclear war will envy those who died instantly.” If you think cancer rates have spiked recently, you ain’t seen nothing should a bomb or two be detonated even over the Pacific Ocean. 

We have a man in The White House who so readily boasts, “There will be fire and fury so powerful that has never been seen.” So while they wisk him away to an underground safe zone, we on the West Coast will be dying slowly in our own vomit. Ask any survivor of Hiroshima what it was like after the bomb was dropped on their city. I’m sure they all envied their dead neighbors and family members… This too will pass

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