White Nationalists?

Isn’t it wonderful what a little rebranding can do? I guess saying White Nationalist sounds so much better that say White Supremacist. You know it sound rather patriotic  and now we have a President who was actually endorsed by this group of people who just want to take this country back to how it used to be. You know how it used to be; where certain people knew their positions in life and my dark skinned father was called a wetback.

Anyway, the White Supremacists, I mean White Nationalists got their man in The White House this last election and what did their man do the minute he got in? He hired Steve Bannon. You know Mr. Bannon! He calls himself a Nationalist but keeps out the White word, it sounds so much less threatening. 

So there was a riot in Virginia yesterday and people were killed. What did Their Man in The White House do? He denounced both sides for the violence. For the past few decades White Supremacists were asked or told not to show up to cause trouble. Today they have the unspoken backing of President Donald J. Trump… This too isn’t passing fast enough but it will. 

5 thoughts on “White Nationalists?

  1. One thing that gives hope of it passing was how many showed up to protest against racism. And how fast they were able. The supremacist wanted violence as they showed up in semi military gear, water bottles filled with cement, helmets. I looked up the words white nationalist and white supremacist. It turns out both words stand for racist, for supremacy of the white race and the inferiority of every other race, both want laws to enshrine white dominance and privilege. The nationalist want an extra white only country. The believe ( wrongly ) the country was founded and grown but white people, it was white people who developed and implemented all good things of the country. THe nationalist want a white country that accepts that rational.
    Racist grow with fear and the crowd mentality. They are never so brave and out front when talking alone. They are a fearful bunch unless in a group that supports their views. Our job is to confront them with the truth, show the error of their beliefs, show where their ideas are not supported by fact. I want to remind everyone that the supremacists are not just against non-white races, they somehow hate gays just as much if not more. I can’t figure what their beef is with gay people except it has been passed down from generations ago when the thought was gay men were not manly? Don’t lose hope, we almost had this beast destroyed, I think it is on it last gasp resurgence. Be safe. Hugs


  2. I said the same thing. White Nationslists??? WTF. They are Supremecists, and yes, want to take this country back. Back to the days before the civil rights act when lynchings were common, and people of any color but white were “discouraged” from voting.

    Some people can only lift themselves but putting down everyone else. I hope this will pass too, but I feel like there will be a lot more of this before there’s less.

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