Thoughts on “White Nationalists”

I’m going to say it again, White Supremacysts (I know it’s Supremacists) have somehow rebranded themselves as patriotic people trying to restore the balance of power to this country of ours. I find it interesting that we’ve stopped calling them White Supremacysts. I guess saying Supremacists has always denoted hate and racism but you know as well as I, it’s the same bunch of haters and racists.

If World War II had ended differently and this was a territory of Germany, I wouldn’t have been born. My father was very dark skinned and spoke with a heavy accent, there would have been no place for him in this country. By now, the elected puppet leader might have already erected a wall to keep dark skinned people out of this country. 

Just imagine we have a leader who can’t step up to a segment of his base and say stop the racist attacks. One easily led twenty year old decided to plow down some peaceful protesters. When he gets out of prison, he’ll be an old man but don’t worry about him, I’m sure he’ll be looked upon as a White Nationalist-Supremacyst hero, I meant to say White Supremacist hero… This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “White Nationalists”

  1. As for that leader you mention. tRump’s mother was a Scottish native. His father a U.S. Citizen. Under the immigration laws his most egregious supporters want would his mother be let in? Many of the racist that support him even some in congress have said we need to not give citizenship to those whose parents are not U.S. natives, so he wouldn’t be a citizen and would not be able to be president. Think on it, if the die hard racist in congress had their way, tRump wouldn’t be a citizen nor president. Hugs

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