Will The Dali Llama Get That Honor?

It was announced yesterday that Billy Graham will lie in state at the US Capital over the next few days. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? I mean really, who does a Jew baiter get such honors and who will be standing next to his casket, his homophobic son..? They he was this county’s preacher, ah, I don’t want to be part of any country who would have him as a spiritual leader.

The other day, my coworker Ed was telling me how great Billy Graham was. I reminded him of the loathsome things he would proclaim in the name of Jesus. He had to tell me how even though he wasn’t perfect, he was doing God’s work. I had to remember that I was talking to the same guy who voted for That Guy in The White House because he had a tattered Bible as a prop…

When the day comes for the Dali Llama to pass, I doubt anyone of our elected officials will put forth that his body should lie in the rotunda… Poor Ed and other morons think anything other than the teachings of the Bible is sinful and should be rejected outright. Man we live in an advanced society… This too will pass

Arming Teachers?

What a wonderful idea! There are 3 million teachers in America and arming a third of them would be a million more guns sold via a government overpriced arms deal. I swear that’s a gun manufacturer’s wet dream but why stop there? Why not put up razor wire up on the existing chain-link fences and put guard towers at the corners? With that razor wire and fence, have a ten foot kill zone added with proper signage.

After all the ideas about stopping the carnage, the NRA couldn’t even think of raising the legal age of gun buyers and if it was up to them, toddlers would be able to own guns. Nothing says family like a well armed family packing. Please tell me you’re as sick as I of the NRA. Marco Rubio attended that CNN sponsored town hall with the families of the fallen in Parkland Florida and he couldn’t say he wouldn’t take anymore money from his buddies at the NRA.

The Guy in The White House said he would support well trained and well armed teachers to stop these assaults, it’s more of his madness. Trump got that stupid idea from his gun toting buddies. We need to throw out this scum who think the NRA cares about Americans. The NRA only cares about Mr. Lugar, Mr. Winchester and Mr. AR-15. I can only hope next November is the start of something big… This too will pass

Oh Boo Hoo Billy Graham Has Died…

The Christian Conservatives must be shedding tears today for their beloved icon has died. He lived to a ripe old age and quite frankly should have been in his grave years ago. The fact he was a baiter of the Jews should have immediately excluded him from being called a man doing God’s work. Jesus would have called him a fake a philistine of sorts.

Mr. Graham was said to have been the preacher of the nation. I wonder if him saying there was a Jewish Problem in America would have made his followers wince? Probably not for he constantly had to remind his flock that “They” killed Christ. That’s the silent dog whistle of hate to his base. If you’re wondering about his above statement, he told President Nixon that Jewish people liked him but there was a problem with them. Just the term “Jewish Problem” sounds so much like Germany of 1935…

The fruit doesn’t fall from the tree they say and he begot a son who is equally lousy who has continued in his father’s footsteps of hate and division. Yuck… This too will pass.

I Would Have Given Her Food but….

Last night, rather then driving north, I stayed at a Motel 6. This morning I waited ten minutes for the hot water to hit my hand but that moment never came; that alone made me cranky this morning. Yesterday I lost my company IPhone which they will want their pound of flesh for and to cap things off, I got a note on my car saying, “Per Motel 6 management, your car will be towed if it is not moved!”

I walked into this Nations for a quick breakfast and there she was, an old black woman with obvious mental illness issues. I ordered at the counter and sat down while they made my food. The conversation she was having with herself was intense and every once in awhile she would glare over at me mumbling something. After two or three times I asked, “Are you hungry?” She yelled out, “You had better buy me a double cheeseburger.” I walked up to the counter and started to order her demand but I stopped.

Another homeless man walked into the store and walked up to the coffee bar and complained to the meek staff, “I needs me some cream and sugar!” They replied, “Everyday you walk in and take a cup of coffee without paying. You are stealing from Nations! Stop!” His reply was, “It ain’t coming out of your pocket!” I stood up and said, “We can have the cops here in a few minutes.” The homeless man turned around and said, “I ain’t afraid of no police.” He said that as he ran out the door.

I walked up to the counter and told the two women to call corporate and demand they put a guard at the front door. They asked if I would. I told them I would and I will. There has to be some laws. Oakland is a wreck of a city and the insane have taken over… This too will pass

Now That’s Some News…

While driving into work this morning I happened to hear the three top news items on the CBS Top of The Hour report. First up is was a cereal maker introducing its new marshmallow shape in its Lucky Charms. They’re getting rid of their green hour glass and replacing it with a purple unicorn. It seems their sales have dipped, it couldn’t be that people are trying not to feed so much sugar to their kids in the morning?

Next up was a story of how Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets are encountering a shortage of chicken products. A reporter stationed in front of an outlet asked asked, “How do you feel about not being able to have your fried chicken?” The responses ranged from sad to disappointed. The news announcer said, “Chicken will be hitting their stores soon says KFC headquarters.”

Students who lost classmates at the Parkland mass shooting has set out to Florida’s State Capital to call on lawmakers and by the way, sixty-six passengers on an Iranian passenger plane died… Did you hear Albertson’s grocery chain is buying Rite-Aid Pharmacy Stores in a billion dollar deal to be in competition with Amazon and Wal-Mart… This too will pass

I Bet He Thinks He Okay…

At exactly 3pm my tired truck refused to start so the next call was to The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company Fleet Services. Within an hour the tow truck was taking us back to the garage. On the way, there he was. A man who had obviously taken too much meth or was having a psychotic break.

The tow truck driver pointed to his head and said, “Too much drugs.” We couldn’t believe that he was laughing and dancing with such massive bleeding. We rolled on towards our destination. Thirty minutes later I had loaner truck keys in my hand to finish the job I had started. I knew that I had better stop for a yuck meal and guess who had made his way down the street?

I sat eating my food while I watched him continue to pick at his wounds. You would think a police officer might notice this sick man and do something but of course not, this is Oakland where thousands of mentally ill souls walk the streets… This too will pass

Stop The NRA Now…

How many more people must die? You know it’s bad when teenagers have to come out and tell us that they will change things if the adults in our country won’t do anything to stop the killings. I think I will actually take March 24th off to attend the rally they are planning across the country in support of putting some sort of limits on gun ownership.

That blow hard, Rush Limbaugh, was on Fox News yesterday morning spewing his usual garbage. He and his gun loving buddies couldn’t careless about kids being gunned down. He’s being sponsored by the gun manufacturers so what else would he say? I listened to him tell us how the only way to make schools safe would be to have armed guards on campus.

The company which made the AR-15 which was used in Parkland Florida stock rose the other day. What was that all about? You would think it would plunge like when a fast food chain is hit by people getting sick after eating their food… Yesterday my coworker Ed, told me that the only way to stop gun violence would be to post armed guards at schools. I wonder if he heard Rush’s rant..? This too will pass

Drink of The Gods…

I’m in love and her name is Grapefruit Green Iced Tea. I happened upon this potion and my goodness it’s good. This is from a man who has never liked green tea. There’s an exotic flavor which give me joy. Today so far has been a good day, the two fiber customers have been nice. One guy reached into his wallet and said, “Buy yourself a beer.” I replied, “Iced tea will be just fine on this warm afternoon.”

It’s simply a beautiful day in the Bay Area. We haven’t had any rain for weeks now and there is nothing on the horizon. I need to do one more job before my day ends and that’s it. The Company has lightened up on the productivity requirements which is just fine. Well back to the company garage to dump a bunch of scrap wire… This too will pass