Please Don’t Liberate Me…

Iraqi Forces  liberated the city of Mosul the other day. Do you want to see a picture of what they liberated? Sure you do! Wait, that’s a photo of Warsaw Poland after it was liberated. Hold on, here’s a picture. The news correspondents kept telling us that thousands died freeing the city of ISIS hold outs. Wait that’s not a picture of Mosul. That’s a picture of the Tokyo right after it was liberated. Oh here it is, a city freed from the bad guys.

Just 72 years ago the Germans and Japanese were our sworn enemies, I wonder if in 72 years we’ll be friends with ISIS… This too will pass

Russian Republicans?

Since when have our Republican Senators and Congresspeople been so willing to write off Donald Trump’s issues with Russia. The Republicans of The Cold War times were always were seen as our defense against The Russian Bear. In fact they portrayed Democrats as easy on the red threat..

I guess things have changed. Old Republican Senators now tell us that the Russians can be our friends if we just let them fight cyber crime together. When The Orange Stalin said he and Putin had agreed to form a cyber security team, that’s like asking an ISIS to fight the threat of terrorism with us… This too will pass

Trump and Putin’s Big Announcement….

The Orange Buffoon told us thru a tweet that he and his Russian buddy would develop a team to fight another election hack. Later he tweeted it wasn’t likely. My question to him would be, “Mr. President! At what point did you realize you are a complete and total moron?” My follow up would be, “Do you think a deal with the guy who ordered the break in would be a good thing?” I think I had better ask the first question as a follow up.

So Vladimir Putin told The Orange Stalin that he did not hack our elections and The Orange One upon hearing that, decided to forget all of our intelligence agencies findings and tell Putin, “Let’s forget about it. Let’s work together.” He really is a moron, a total and complete one I might add. 

Our friends on the right either haven’t been listening to the news lately or are still so hung up with that catchy phrase, “Make America Great Again.” I guess they aren’t seeing what’s going on and now it’s come to light that Donald Trump Jr. and others met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign to get some salacious information on Hillary Clinton. Where will it stop? What’s next? This too will pass

Ah It’s Summertime and The Trees Are Burning… 

My Sunday job was to watch Ed work. I sat in the shade while hung-ho Ed was trying to repair his high-cap circuit. My real goal was to find shade and keep somewhat cool. It’s not even summer and we have had triple digit temps lately… Hasn’t anyone noticed the sun feels more intense lately? 

If it wasn’t for the foot of mud in the manhole, I’d take Ed’s place. I think I left my mudboots at The Firewood Temple. It could be worse, I could be on straight time and it could be even hotter than it is now. Pinole California does get a breeze off the San Francisco Bay but today it’s barely rustling the leaves of trees.

Ed is so excited about working in the manholes. The one good thing about manholes is it stays exactly at 55 degrees. Other than being dark and dank, it’s comfortable… This too will pass

He Says He Didn’t Do It….

If Vladimir Putin said he had nothing to do with our election hack then he didn’t do it or so thinks The Orange Buffoon. The Russians must be laughing at us and what’s more Trump thinks he scored a major diplomatic coup. Let’s face it, we have dumbed down people in this country who thought a reality television host would make one heck of a leader. We are doomed…

This is madness and we haven’t seen anything yet. Between the moron’s twitter rants and his constant telling us about The Fake Media; I swear, you just don’t know when the next shoe will drop. Will today be the day Our Orange Nero decided to invade North Korea to take the attention off something he didn’t like on the news?

Hopefully Melania sees by now that the king has no clothes on and says something. She won’t but it would be nice. Oh and I find it ironic bordering on pathetic that Melania has decided to fight cyber bullying while the biggest bully in cyberland stands next to her in the reception line… This too will pass

I Can Barely Help My Son…

I wonder if this gentlemen’s parents told him to use drugs or drink? Maybe they did but I really doubt it. When I got to the box next to him to run a jumper wire, he called out, “Can you help me man? I need gas for my car.” He must not have realized where he was. I’m sure he uses that line when he’s panhandling along the road. 

We haven’t heard from Matt in a few days. The conversation always starts, “Hey dad, it’s me Matthew. I’m just calling to tell you I’m okay.” The kid just wants money.  Life is hard on the street and I know things can’t be easy for him. I’ve tried to not answer his calls but I always do. I continually ask him about his parole meetings and everytime I get, “It went good.” Even when he failed to go to said meetings. 

When I haven’t heard from him, I can only think of the worse scenarios. He’s lying face down in a ditch, in the ICU after being attacked or in jail. I wish I could say he’s in a supervised program but that isn’t happening… He has no real desire to do anything to get himself into a program and Roberta and I can’t do anything to help him… This too will pass

The Verb Is To Uber…

The Fourth of July was an amazing day for driving. I racked up 25 rides and it actually felt as if I was the only driver in Sonoma. One right after another my phone chimed “Pick Up Next Rider.” A good share of the trips were long hauls which added to the till. At one point, I had to turn off the app and take a well deserved breather and stretch my legs.

My riders encluded drunk firefighters, intoxicated couples and a teenage looking porn actress. I could go into how I knew she made blue movies but I won’t. Her name was Tara, a mere child who was so worried that she looked old. For her, twenty-five was old. Her three companions giggled at her expense that she was in the movie making industry in LA. As the three in the back seat were wrapped up in sending each other snap chats and yelling out the window, I told Tara, “Be okay with yourself.” She replied, “I know but in my industry I need to look young.”

When she told me, “If I was to get work done, it would be my nose.” It blew me away, there was nothing wrong with her nose but in her mind it needed work. As the three others got out of the car I gave her some fatherly advice, “What are you doing with these kids. You are way more mature.” She replied, “I know.” She handed me a twenty dollar tip… This too will pass

POLITIKS OF GRAFFITI 34: ROTTEN TO THE CORE — TOKIDOKI (NOMAD)…Please read at least the first 15 things on the list…Gigi — Rethinking Life

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The Sex Addict…

My last ride of the night actually creeped me out and maybe by sharing this with you, I might get some insight. His name popped up as Sean and I was to pick him up at a local bar in Glen Ellen, Ca. It was 9:30pm on a Sunday night and the main street was empty. He jumped in and gave me the address, I already knew it but I let him tell me it again. He asked for a favor of taking him to his destination and then onto a bar to drop off a set of keys. 

As we headed to his first stop, he started telling me how he had met a woman at the bar and of how he wanted to return and hook up with that woman. Well, that was his plan unless he happened to meet up with another woman at the bar where he was to drop off the keys at. Let me say this about Sean, his tight fitting tee shirt fit perfectly over his muscle ripped chest and his perfect chiseled face had dimples would put my dimples to shame.

We got to the key drop off bar and as he went in he said, “Wait for me. I’ll come out either way.” I waited and sure enough he came out. “Damn she wasn’t there. Please take me back to where you picked me up.” Ten minutes later there we were. He sprung out of the passengers seat and said, “Wish me luck.” As I drove back to The Firewood Temple, I thought that’s exactly how a drug addict acts,  always looking to find their next fix. This too will pass

Is Uber’ing a Word? 

After working at my 9 to 7:30 job I turned on the app. I had only planned to drive a couple hours but when it was all said and done, I was on the road till 1:30am. I knew I’d have to do a short turn around to be back in my truck in the morning at  9am. The problem was, the moment I would sign off the current passenger, the app would pop up another rider in need. Drivers are rated on accepted riders. What could I do but accept? 

It was a night of the usual clients: party goers, drunks and wise souls who just happened to be out late. I believe she was the second to last rider of the night. She had been visiting friends in an off the beaten path part of Sonoma. The moment she got in the car, her soul lit up the car. We spoke of being happy and trying to find illusive happiness. 

The Upanishads speak of the basic mistake of searching for happiness, you’ll never find it. Most the riders of the night looked as if they were trying desperately to find happiness. The next morning their happiness would be over taken by their hangovers… This too will pass